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Peavey Predator Exp Plus-left Handed Electric Guitar

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$1 Deposit Preview & Pay-After-Satisfaction Program

Because most of the guitars we are selling here are not ready made products, so if this is the first time you deal with us, you might not familiar with us and confident with our products. In this case, we proudly offer an $1 Deposit Preview & Pay-After-Satisfaction Program for you. Just as its name implies, you only pay $1 deposit, we will take your order. The guitar will take 5-15 working days to make, you will get photographing for the full overall process, also a testing video of your fresh made guitar. You are able to commune with us and rectify any thing you don't satisfied during its making. After all, you only need to make the residual payment before we send it out.

Are you interested in this program? Our conscientious customer service team will do our best to offer you a 100% Risk Free and 100% satisfaction shopping process:

1. Let us know you would like to join our $1 Deposit Preview & Pay-After-Satisfaction Program You can simply contact our customer service team via the online live help desk or email us, tell us which guitar you'd like to order.

2. Our customer service will help you to make the Guitar Preview Order and send an $1 deposit payment request to your email.

3. After we receive your $1 deposit, we will start to make the guitar for you. During this period, we will provide the step-by-step flow chart to you.

3. After the guitar being made, we will make photos and a testing video to show you the complete appearance and the timbre.

4. As soon your complete the final payment, we then arrange the delivery in 24 hours for you.

100% Guaranty What You See Is What You Get, Truth By Photos!

 193572904907197530 Peavey Predator Exp Plus left Handed Electric Guitar

Undisputed Peavey quality and value. No one does it better than Peavey for less money.Nearly 40 years of the same ownership.Peavey is a worldwide leader in the music industry.The Predator is such as an example.With its Floyd type  double locking tremelo & 2 humbuckers it is one more rock and roll machine.Equally adept at all our styles,this guitar has a master tone & volume,control with chrome colored binding on the tope is a knock out,not only in sound but also in looks.Lets checkit out to see how little use it has had.Notice the 5 bolt neck attatchment.Most guitars use 2-4.Peavey 5 for added sustain and strength and easy access to the highest frets.The factory protective covering is still on the control cover plate.That is an indication of little use.On the back,you may find some light marking.I couldn't find any real serious scratches ,basically ,I couldnt find scratches or shirt button rash.I found the same results  on all the edges.Almost nothing.I use the work " almost" to cover myself as I didn't really find any.Now the top of the guitar : Well it looks brand new.Mostly all that can be seen is some marking from the final buffing stages at the factory.You may find some marks around the knobs & a few pick marks.But may is a big word here.To me it just looks unplayed.Most guitars hanging in a store have more marking than this.The frets are basically unused lookin and the headstock shows just slight signs of string changing .We just put a new set on yesterday.When it is shipped & opened,bring them up,the 2 outside strings first,then the next 2 and the middle 2.Repeat til in tune and of course make sure the lock nut has been loosened.Just as I thought,the headstock shows a little string marking but very little.This appears to be a new guitar.Of course we are selling it for a used price.With Christmas coming and you need a very good lefty guitar,this one would be darn hard to beat unless you are looking to spend $1,000.00 or so.I almost forgot,the back of the neck is satin finished giving it that "broke in" feeling.Thats the way the majority of R &R players want it.It is definetly an aid to playing faster.But satin necks are easy to stain.The oil from your hand will do it.There is some light stains ramdomly,but again not a whole lot.It will do more and more as it gets older unless you get someone to shoot some clean coats on the back.If you choose to do that,make sure you use the right finish so it won't feel "grabby" when played.Ok,thats about the most blow by blow description you could get and even if you had it in your hands,you probably wouldn't think o all these points.This is a guitar to be proud of and way underpriced.Thanks for your patience in reading this but I want you to know what you are getting all the way.You can check PV's website also.You just wont see any lefty's anymore.The right handed one list for $349.00. But seldom does anyone sell for list.We don't.But the new price on these lefties was $100.00 more being list $449.00 street prices $349.00. Our price is lower and you get a used hardshell case free! Yes its a bargain.It didn't come with a case but we are putting it in a used hardshell case(at no extra charge,the case is far from new) for protection.If you wish to take the ultimate precaution in shipping,its $12.00 more to get the guitar cased,boxed & then bubble wrap,then a 2nd box with lots of padding and bubble wrap.You can pay for that separately.Just let us know.Go ahead and pay like usual and send us a note & we can send  you a billl for the $12.00.The second box cost us nearly $8.00 plus freight and we easily spend another 1/2 hour of time and a  lot of bubble wrap.   Thanks          Our shipping includes insurance & $2.25 - $2.75 delivery confirmation.


Pay Pal Preferred . Also please email us after you win or Buy it Now. Seller reserves right to end auction.Failure to pay will result in negative feedback for buyer and Ebay Non Paying Buyer Claim filed. ALL SALES ARE FINAL Buyer is asked to have +8 feedback rating to bid. If you have positive feedback of less than 8, email prior to not bid if you have less than 97+ percent postive feedback rating. no sale to bidders with all neg. feedback. your bid will be cancelled.payment is expected quickly, so be prepared to pay if you buy. just like at any retail store.thanks We ship to Paypal Confirmed addresses only, through FEDEX USUALLY OR USPS! After you win an auction,please send us your phone number as Fedex needs it to insure your item. We ship two to three times a week, typically on wednesday thursday and friday. If insurance is purchased then we insure it for the full amount. We only ship to the 48 contiguous states. Potential buyers from Hawaii or Alaska will need to email us prior to bidding for a shipping quote. International Shipping is on an item to item basis therefore if you are international we ask that you email us your address prior to bidding for us to get you a shipping estimate.USPS is preferred by most International buyers because they are 40-60% cheaper.

 193572904907197531 Peavey Predator Exp Plus left Handed Electric Guitar
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